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at Gurenshiki, a layout archive of Shiki. Here you will find anime/manga, Japanese and Korean entertainment (jkmusic, jkdorama, etc.) related web layouts for free. Even though they are free, there are rules which you have to obey if you want to use anything. Gurenshiki is hosted by the lovely Megori of Tetsunosuke.com. Thanks a lot!

You are currently viewing the first version of Gurenshiki featuring the Knights of Rounds (Kururgi Suzaku, Gino Weinberg, Anya Alstreim, Bismarck Waldstein, Dorothea Ernst, Nonette Enneagram, Luciano Bradley and Monica Kruszewski) of the anime series Code Geass ~Hangyaku no Lelouch~ R2. The layout is made and coded by me, the image was taken from Ferricorp Image Gallery. Knights of Rounds and Code Geass are copyrighted and belongs to Sunrise, and CLAMP. No infringement is intended.

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