Affiliation request

Want to become an affiliate of Gurenshiki? No problem! Just read the requirements below and if you think you meet them, contact me with the required information and wait for my reply. Don't be mad at me if I don't reply you within some days -- my life is rather busy now, but I'll try my best to give you a reply as fast as I can -- wether I approve you or not.


  • Your site must be graphics-related site featuring anime, manga, Japanese or Korean entertainment contents
  • The only languages I approve are English, German and Hungarian! Why? The answer is really simple: I understand these only! (plus Japanese but there aren't any Japanese graphics site out there... o_O")
  • I try to update as much as I can, but everybody has a life, so updating once or twice a month is enough
  • Let's be friends! Don't apply, if you just want to gain more hits for yourself (my site isn't so popular, but please, keep in mind this term!)

So if you think you want to affiliate with Gurenshiki, use the contact form or send me an e-mail at shinozuka.kaori[AT]gmail[DOT]com with your site name, site URL and reason for applying (I'm just a bit curious ;)). Subject should be Affiliation apply or something like this. Just in case!

In case you aren't accepted, we can still exchange links!

Buttons for Gurenshiki

They are uploaded to, so you can directlink them! But it would be appreciated, if you uploaded them to your own servers/accounts!



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