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Terms of use

  • First of all, you can not edit the image part of the layout. Making fitting buttons or avatars and changing some CSS code (like font stlye, colour, etc.) are allowed until you use the certain layout, otherwise it is prohibited. Altering and copying any part of it is not allowed as well.
  • Secondly, do not hotlink! It kills my host's bandwith which costs money. Do not make her more costs!
  • Do not claim anything found here as your own. You may don't believe, but it is really time-consuming making, finishing and coding layouts like these. And stealing can be quite annoying for those who spend time on making them for you. And for free. So please respect our work by abiding the rules! :)
  • Do not remove the credits! You have to list my name and Gurenshiki itself at visible places.


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